N4STUDIO: architecture, graphic and design

N4STUDIO is a team of women – architects and graphic designer – directed by Marisa Coppiano.
Our global design agency is where creative minds, architects and technicians interact intelligently to achieve a common goal of excellence, based on our consolidated, professional experience in the field of architecture, design and visual communication.

The values that underpin our services are:
- innovation linked to careful analysis and respect for tradition
- high aesthetic content
- a passion for the work we do

How we serve the client:
1. architecture - construction, interior design, temporary
2. design - interior, packaging, fashion, promotion
3. visual communication - corporate identity services, graphic design, publishing, multimedia
4. events - conventions, congresses, exhibitions, museums, assistance with artistic planning

In each of these areas we provide:
professional advice, artistic direction, budgeting, concept, preliminary and executive planning, project management, contract conditions, contracts